Elan has employed well organized team of technologists and chemists that work in our laboratories on research, development and improvement of our products. Thanks to their continuous effort, and long experience, Elan is able to adjust the requirements of the clients and offer fast and efficient solutions.


For more than half a century, in our laboratories, we have worked daily on development and improvement of adhesives, sealants, and cork products. Therefore, today Elan is one of the most qualified Serbian companies in chemical industry.


Our development sector expands knowledge and experience by attending different science programs, and seminars at reputable institutes and universities.


Highly qualified team of technologists and chemists is able to offer technical information for every need in different sectors where our products are used.


Also, our development and research team, answers daily to a significant number of phone calls and e-mails of our business clients and consumers who need our technical support.


The future development of Elan is based on further work on high quality, development and research, with full responsibility of our team of experts.