Our company headquarters is situated in Prijepolje, at the south-west of Serbia, near borders of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The factory is built in the Industrial Zone Kolovrat, near the main road to Montenegro, M21 over Bjelo Polje and M8 over Pljevlja, near railroad Belgrade – Bar (Montenegro).

Distance between Prijepolje and Belgrade (Serbia) is 290 km, between Podgorica (Montenegro) 170 km, to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 180 km, to Skopje (Macedonia) 310 km, to Zagreb (Croatia) 590 km, to Port Bar (Montenegro) 225 km, to Rijeka (Croatia)750 km.


About Prijepolje

Municipality of Prijepolje is part of Zlatibor District, with the area of 827 km² , it is the second biggest municipality in the district. The population is 36.713 according to the latest census from 2011.

Prijepolje is situated on the banks of two rivers, Mileševka and Lim and on the foot of the mountain Jadovnik. Six kilometers from the place where two rivers meet, there is a beautiful Monastery Mileševa. Monastery Mileševa is one of the most important medieval Serbian monasteries, place where Saint Sava was buried, and famous for the fresco “The White Angel”. Fresco “The White Angel” was the first picture sent via satellite from Europe to America on the 21st August 1958 ( the same year Elan was established ). ”The old lady” Europe was proud to send this fresco as the representing picture.

Prijepolje is rich with cultural-historical monuments and heritage that are witnesses of many civilizations starting from Roman times to modern times.

Prijepolje is also rich with natural resources. Untouched forests, rivers, springs, streams, mountains and canyons offer true enjoyment in untouched natural beauties and ecologically clean environment