Elan chemical industry was founded on 30th October 1958 as manufacturing company “Autohem” for production of chemicals for automotive industry. The “workshop”Autohem was situated in one basement in the center of town, where we produced schaller, tire flakes and antifreeze.

In the year 1960, with the decision of the Economy Court in Užice “Autohem” has changed the name to “Elan” The same year with purchasing steam oven, we started the production of Styrofoam. That fact will significantly influence future development of the company.

By the end of 1961, the company started production of special adhesive for shoe industry. The same year we were equipped with basic production machines: double rubber roller, adhesive mixer, vacuum press and little steam oven. We also equipped with two molds for pressing of styrofoam and granulator.

In the Development program from 1960-1965 we have made decision to build new Building complex in the industrial zone Kolovrat (the location is situated 2 km from the town center) for production of synthetic adhesives and styrofoam, which was realized in 1962 with investment od Yugoslav Export Bank and Business Bank of Serbia. With exporting styrofoam to Hungary and adhesives to Poland in 1962 we have realized first foreign trade contracts of Elana.

In 1963, Elan starts production of certain rubber products and adhesive department is working. Even at that time, Elan gives scholarships to students at Universities and Colleges. In 1964  we started production of pressed cork, and rubber soles. The same year, plant for production of styrofoam, rubber cork, substation and boiler room were built.

In 1964, we started production of pressed cork and rubber soles. The same year was constructed workshop for production of styrofoam and rubber cork, substation and boiler room.

By putting in operation two mixers of 3000 kg for adhesive production in 1966, we have reached production of 1.200 tons.

In 1967, we started production of sealants, inner shoe soles, and neolith, we have changed production program in automotive chemical department.

After the year 1970, Elan starts differentiation of the program by developing adhesives for automotive industry. In 1974 we started production of sealants and dispersion adhesives.

In the next ten years, our company has reached leading position in production of adhesives based on synthetic rubber, and developed and included new products.

Development turning point for Elan was cooperation with the company “Duga” ” industry of colours and varnishes from Belgrade, since 1st of January 1981. This cooperation gave optimal conditions for faster and more efficient development and successfulness on the world market. The same year, we came out with the investment program for building of new complex for production of synthetic adhesives and other products.

The whole complex was finished in 1986 and installation capacities of this investment are 9.000 tons of adhesives and other products a year.

Cooperation with “Duge“ lasted until 1989, when we encircled one of the most successful faze of Elan development.

Unfortunately, when Elan just has reached the greatest success, disintegration of Yugoslavia came and Elan felt hard consequences.

By Disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, Elan lost 60% of the market, and international economic sanctions and hyperinflation brought our company into hard time. In such circumstances, even industrial giants closed their gates, but Elan has managed to keep its capacities and workers and capital, only by hard work and new positioning. In 1991, Elan was registered as joint -stock company, with 100% of nominated stocks, where 62% of stocks are owned by shareholders, and 38% is owned by state. In 2000 we included management of quality system JUS ISO 9001. In 2007, Elan came out to Belgrade stock market, but there were no trading so far. In 2008, we have done redesign of packaging, which we are recognizable by in the whole of the region.

At the end of 2011, Elan Elan has signed Memorandum of Understanding, with Italian company Vagnone e Boeri, which is one of the world’s leaders in production of sealants and coatings in automotive industry.

In 2012, we have done conversion of Elana obligations towards state capital, so small stockers own 55% and state owns 45% of the capital.

In the meantime, Elan continues to fill in the pages of its rich working history, by developing new products and reaching new markets…