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Our high quality products will make your life easier.

Distribution of goods

Distribution network of Elan is constantly spreading all over Serbia, as well as nearby countries. Our aim is to make our good available to use and consumption to all our customers in the right time, at the right place and in appropriate amount whenever they need it.

Support, advice

Elan Chemical industry guarantees to partners optimal consultant services and technical support. Our flexibility, knowledge and competence enable us to react quickly to all Your demands and come out with efficient solutions.

What do we do

Universal adhesives Syntelan, special purposes adhesives Elapren, Dufix dispersion adhesives for all kinds of wood, Sintex permanent plastic water resistant sealants, Mišelan Mice trap glue, neoprene, polyurethane and water based adhesives, Elanit for shoe and leather industry, hardeners, primers, softeners, thinners, apertures, pressed cork, anti-slip surface, adhesive for PVC corner moldings with net, one component and two component adhesive, adhesive for parquet, inflammable spery adhesive for sponge, adhesives for car upholstery, adhesives for filters Plastiflex, rubber cork, sealants, conveyor belts adhesives Elanit SC 162 ,adhesive for rubber boats, adhesive for graphical industry… .

AD „Elan“ Chemical Industry Prijepolje
Street:Ljubise Miodragovica 11
31300 Prijepolje
P: Central number: : 033/781-350, General Manager: 033/780-004,+381 33 780-404 Purchase department: +381 33 780-003, +381 33 780-403,Sales department: +381 33 780-006, +381 33 780-406 ,fax: 033/780-005
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