Chemical Industry Elan  has been reliable and qualified partner in the sector of consumer goods, construction industry, handicraft, automotive industry, electric industry, shoe industry, furniture industry, and other industries for more than half a century.


Since its foundation, in the year 1958, Elan has been developing its reputation on the base of production and distribution of high quality products. Our widely used products in different sectors are:

adhesives    -   sealants   -   cork


Our company, with its headquarters in Prijepolje, Serbia, is the leading company in adhesive production in Serbia, as well as in the market of former Yugoslav republics. Elan takes leading positions in the consumers and industrial sector with well recognized brands like:             

Syntelan  - Elanit -  Elapren - Dufix – Sintex - Plastiflex

Thanks to our several decades’ long experience, carefully devised business strategy and continuously investing into technological development, Elan has been able to keep the loyalty of our long term customers. Elan is always willing to adjust to our clients’ demands, act quickly and come out with efficient solutions.


Elan guaranties optimal consultant’s services, technical support to all our business partners and individuals who need our technical support.



In order to provide reliable quality, we use only raw materials from reputable suppliers, and therefore ensure necessary safety to our clients while using our products.


WE do our business in accordance with quality standards SRPS ISO 9001:2008, SRPS ISO 1401:2005and international IQ Net for which we have verified certificates.


Elan continues its technological development with our team of experts for technological development, targeted towards customer, excellent quality, innovations and system solutions…